About Us

My name is Ryan, and I am an alcoholic. 

Growing up, my dad worked and my mom ran a daycare, which left me on my own to figure out how to complete my studies. I learned how to learn. Drugs and alcohol were part of my life since jr. high, and I wanted to do more of them, so I developed techniques that allowed me to be successful in school with minimal effort. I didn't know it then, but these techniques would carry over into my professional life as a mortgage banker for 8 years, and then to my career as a college enrollment adviser. Without going into detail, 17 years of drugs and alcohol caught up to me, and I entered treatment.

Seeing many clients relapse so quickly, I came to understand that after rehab, most simply did not have the tools to successfully transition to normal life as a college student. So I created a college program for the treatment center I attended, watched clients achieve great success, and now want this program to help as many recovering addicts as possible.